An Internet connection and a laptop allows film fans (age 18 and older) from Nebraska to New Mexico to log in and watch, whenever and wherever they want. "I'm kind of too old, but I think a generation younger than me is consuming film this way," Schafer says. "They are watching them on their computers. ... As we talk about expanding the audience for great films, let's show them where they're watching them."

Not only will pass holders get to watch world premieres—like director Edward Burns' latest film, Nice Guy Johnny—they'll be active participants in the festival. After the credits roll, Burns will take questions from audience members in the theater and online. "Anyone who's online and wants to chat while you're watching movies or talk about the films is able to do that," Schafer says. "It's going to create a community online that is exclusive to those people who bought the pass."

The virtual festival will also include a live Q&A with legendary comedienne Joan Rivers and streaming video of a press conference with one of the festival's founders, Oscar® winner Robert De Niro.

Tribeca Film Festival Virtual runs April 23–30. To buy your premium pass, get a full list of participating films and find out more information, visit


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