RC: Besides Revenge of the Fallen, what else is coming up for you?

TG: A TV show called First In that's going to be launched on BET later this year ... It's like the equivalent to COPS but for firefighters, because they're always the first ones in. And it's a reality show, but it's shot beautifully. We started our whole first season in Compton and we're going to move around to New Orleans and Baltimore and really remind people in the world who the real heroes are: the people that put their life on the line everyday to save us from fires and shootouts and all these different crimes.

RC: Do you have any final words of wisdom to offer us?

TG: If you've mastered one arena, then you've got to move on and evolve. They always say it's a jungle out there, but the problem is most people are swinging from the same vine ... So switch it up, grow, don't be afraid to take that leap of faith, and with God, you'll land on your feet.


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