RC: Since the last film, has Sergeant Epps changed at all?

TG: My character moved up in ranks. I'm Master Sergeant Epps now, and, you know, I'm operating under a lot more pressure. I've got a lot more phone calls and walkie-talkie calls to get out to make people aware of where we are, where to drop bombs, emergency evacuation situations. I've got so much more to communicate about and the stakes have been raised.

RC: Have there been any new additions to the cast since the first Transformers that you've especially enjoyed working with?

TG: Ramon Rodriquez is new to the cast, Matthew Marsden is new to the cast, and a few other folks that you'll see in the movie. We welcome them all with open arms to this new adventure. They bring a lot of good energy to the cast; they make the movie more universal. Ramon is Latino, and Matthew Morrison is British—he's from London—and so you've just got to feel like every nationality is almost covered when it comes to this film. And it just goes to show you that people from around the world are going to have someone to identify with.


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