Gayle King

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This is the September hair issue, so I've decided to out myself:
I spent the '80s getting blow-dried, teased, and sprayed within an inch of my life. It was a nasty period in news anchor hair history (I did the 5 o'clock news), but we all thought this was a good look at the time.

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I'm making space on my iPod...
For new albums from three of my favorite artists this month: Cher, who's still got that torchy voice and great bod, is releasing Closer to the Truth; I already know I'll have the second volume of Justin Timberlake's The 20 /20 Experience on permanent repeat; and I can't wait for the always polite Canadian rapper Drake—who once stopped midconcert at a show I was attending to say, "Sorry, Gayle," after some hard-core lyrics—to release his third album, Nothing Was the Same.

Photo: Courtesy of Aldo

Even with bad knees, I love a good high heel!
September 5 is the start of Shoe Week in New York City, and this midnight blue pair from Aldo is definitely worth celebrating. They're sexy without being skanky, and at $90, you can't beat the price.

Photo: Morgan Salyer

What do you get when you...
Mix the soft chewiness of a French croissant with the salty, crispy crunch of a New York pretzel? Here at O, we call them cretzels! My fellow carbohydrate lover Lisa Kogan found them at Manhattan's City Bakery and brought a box to the office. Instant hit! They remind me of the great crusty bread I used to get in Turkey as a kid.

Photo: Roadside Attractions

I always considered sex addiction...
Another excuse for cheating, but the painfully honest performances of Mark Ruffalo, Josh Gad, Gwyneth Paltrow, Tim Robbins and Pink in Thanks for Sharing made me see just how crippling the condition actually is. This movie is for anybody in a 12-step program, anybody who's trying to support someone in a 12-step program and anybody who wants to see a raw, heartbreaking, darkly funny film.
amber deahn

Photo: Robert Gallagher

"Nobody needs credentials to do the right thing."
—Waitress Amber Deahn, who notified authorities when she saw a little girl behaving oddly with a man at her restaurant, recently said this on Anderson Cooper 360°. I love that she followed her gut and saved the girl from a kidnapper.

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