Oprah: But your dad suing you, that had to be hard.

Whitney: Well, my dad was influenced by people that were lying. My father was sickly at the time. He was in the hospital. I was paying the bill. I took care of my father.

Oprah: So you forgave him?

Whitney: Absolutely.

Oprah: In the end, you forgave him.

Whitney: Absolutely. I love my dad. I knew he was sickly. My father was in his 80s at that point, and he was in the hospital constantly with heart problems and diabetes. And people were trying to get money from him, extract money from him. Blackmail him.

Oprah: At the time, it was painful, was it not?

Whitney: It was very. It was a period of a couple of years when we didn't speak at all. But when he got sickly, really sickly, I went to the hospital and I said: "Let's end this right now. But you're my father. I love you. I'm going to be here in the end. I'm going to be here, and I'm going to be the one who's going to take care of you." And finally, when it all kind of came down, and it all was the end, everything was in my hands.

Oprah: I heard you chose not to go to the funeral but spent private time with him?

Whitney: I had a memorial the day before the funeral that was my own. That was my own. That was just my family for me, Dionne, my cousin DeeDee, my mother, my family. There was so much press. So many media. The media was following me around. I couldn't grieve in privacy. So I had my own service. And then my father was a very influential man in city of Newark, New Jersey, so he had a lot of friends, so I had one for them that they could go to. But I had my own.


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