Oprah: Who do you love?

Whitney: The Lord. I do. I'm so humbled and so thankful. By his grace, his goodness. And for never giving up on me. I love my mother. My daughter. My relatives. My sisters. My brothers. I love you. Because I knew somewhere in the background you were there praying too. 

Oprah: I was, I was.

Whitney: And as horrible as they tried to make it to be. It was just life's experiences. I'd never been through anything as heavy. I had a good childhood. I had a good mom. Had a great dad. My father passed away, and I loved him so dearly. And that put a real dent in everything because that's when it really started getting crazy—my dad passed away. And my husband really started acting up. Acting out. Then, when my dad left, he really started acting out. I guess he figured, '"He's gone now."

Oprah: You don't have your dad.

Whitney: Yeah. But I had my mother.


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