Oprah: Was part of the decision what you wanted versus what the public perceived?

Whitney: At that point, I didn't care.

Oprah: You were no longer trying to fight for the image of the public?

Whitney: I wasn't. Because I wasn't going to be in an unholy matrimony. I wasn't going to be living with a man who decided that he didn't want to live the same way I did or thought about marriage or me the same way. Being loyal. Being dedicated. Being true. Being faithful. All those things. I wasn't going to live with someone like that. I wasn't.

And he was doing all the opposite. And I wanted to stop at that point. I mean, the drugs, the whole thing. I wanted it all just to stop. And he just wanted to continue. By that time, the evil, the enemy just wanted to let itself in and take over, and I wanted it out. And I was praying hard. I was praying very hard. And my mother, being the warrior that she is, she stepped in and said, "Let it go. Let it go. Just let it go."

Oprah: What had she been saying all this time? Did she realize how tumultuous this relationship was? Or were you putting up the facade with her too?

Whitney: I can't play her. ... Cissy comes in and she goes: "I don't care what you say. I know my child. I'm looking in your eyes, and I know you're not happy. And if you don't get out of this, something is going to happen. I'm not giving you up." 


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