Oprah: So much seems to be riding on this moment. Do you think of this as a comeback? Is this a comeback? Or a come out or a come-through?

Whitney: A come-through. It's a come-through moment. There's a song on there, R. Kelly wrote it: "Don't call it a comeback. I've been here for years." 


Oprah: Do you now know your own strength?

Whitney: I know from whence my help cometh. I do know that. And I know that it's strong within me. If ever I get low, I get weak, I know where I can turn to. I love the spirit of God so much that I'm not willing to trade that for anything. I'm not trading that for nothing. For nothing. Because I feel joy that I can't even speak about. And peace that passes all understanding.

Oprah: Because I know you can't get through this without God.

Whitney: I was by myself so much during those years in L.A., and I would just sit and I would read the word and I would stop and I would think, "What do you want me to know?" The Holy Spirit would speak to me and it would guide me. And I wouldn't know how I would get to this place or that place. Or how I did this or how I was go into the studio and sing again. But I did it.

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