Oprah: Was there ever a time when you thought you wouldn't come out of [drug addiction]? That you thought that: "All right, this is the way it's going to be. I'm going to be in this room smoking my weed laced with cocaine, watching TV? ...

Whitney: You know what? For some reason, Oprah, I never got to that point. Something always had a fight in me.


Oprah: What did you learn? What is the most you've learned through this entire process of sitting there with the drugs, of the evil eyes on the wall?

Whitney: It was difficult because he wouldn't let me go. He did not want me to leave.

Oprah: And you didn't think you had the strength to leave on your own. And that's why you prayed to God for just one day.

Whitney: "Just one day give me the strength and I'll go. Just one day. Because I can't live like this anymore. I'm not going to share him with this one and that one. I'm not doing that. He's not going to drag this into my home, and I'm not going to let my daughter think that that's love."

Oprah: Why did you think you couldn't leave without that prayer? What was holding you there?

Whitney: Habit. Conforming to a way of life. Thinking that it's all right, that it will get better.


Oprah: So does that mean you're drug-free?

Whitney: Yes, ma'am. Don't think I don't have desires for it. There are times it takes a minute to cleanse, get off. Get off me. Just leave me alone. Get off me. I have to pray it away. I'll have a drink every now and then. Don't get me wrong. If you see me at a bar, having a drink, don't think...

Oprah: Don't say she's gone back.

Whitney: No, please don't do that to me.

Oprah: Cause drinking was not your issue.

Whitney: No. That's not an issue for me. No weed. No coke. No.

Oprah: Do you think you ever will again? Be tempted?

Whitney: Oprah, I can only take today. One day at a time. Right now, no.


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