In the first 13 episodes of the series—available on the DVD Glee Season 1: Road to Sectionals on December 29—fans have seen Sue swing dance, host politically incorrect segments on the local news and terrorize disabled high school students…but will she ever sing?

"Actually, there's something in the works, and I'm not allowed to say. But in the second episode, I'm going to have me a number. You're going to see me dance a little more," she says. "It's so funny…I have no business dancing. I am not a dancer, and this is my second number. I do the most complicated dance steps. Wait 'til you see it."

If Lynch could choose any song for her character's solo, she says two songs stand out—"Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better" or Queen's "We Are the Champions."

As fans await Glee 's return to Fox in April 2010, Lynch will spend this time adjusting to life in the spotlight and focusing on her resolution for the new year. "[I want] to be open to and grateful for and accepting of all of the positive energy that's coming towards me, because it kind of overwhelms me," she says.

Lynch says she never imagined this level of success for herself. "The fact that I've gotten where I am, and I get to do this almost every day and get paid for it, is still kind of amazing," she says. "I still wake up in the middle of the night and go, 'Really?'"

Tune in to NBC on January 17, 2010, to see if Lynch's genius earns her a statuette at the 67th Annual Golden Globes . After all, as Sue says, "Never let anything distract you from winning."
Photo courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment


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