FL: Do you think our culture is especially susceptible to addiction, or is addiction just a human condition?

WB: I think it has a lot to do with culture, and different zones of culture, different sections of culture do different things. But I think the faster society moves, the faster pace of society, the more susceptible people are to the drug or alcohol or whatever they're using to get out of the box. The more populated of course, it's more difficult. The bigger the population, the more difficult the drugs.

FL: What do you mean by that?

WB: If we have 10,000 people in a 7-square-mile section, then we aren't going to have that many problems. If we have 1.2 million people in a 7-square-mile section, we're going to have all kinds of problems. They're going to collaborate. They're going to try different things. There are more ideas. If you go to a 12-step–type meeting and you have a newcomers meeting, and you have 35 people in the room, pretty much what you've got is 35 bad ideas. And we want a fellowship and buddy up and pass our phone numbers around—that, in my experience, can be very dangerous.


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