FL: In one of the episodes in the first season, an addict tells William Banks that he can't imagine his life not getting high ever again. Is that the addict's biggest fear?

WB: Absolutely one of the most bona fide truthful lines in all of the episodes. The addict wants two things—what they don't want is to stop, and what they do want is more dope. They don't want you in their face talking about: "You're hurting your mother. You're hurting your sister. You're hurting the mailman. It's time for you to come with me." They don't want to hear that. They want to hear, "Where can I get some more?"

FL: That line felt like it cut right to the truth.

WB: That's the only vision they have. First of all, they think they're not capable of never doing it again. And that's not the mind-set you want to go with somebody anyway. Where I like to go is, "Let's do this: Let's get you cleaned up. Let's get all the substance out of your body and let's get some nutrients going on and some exercise. Let's let you feel yourself. And let's talk about how long you want to feel that way." The thing about, "You never have to do this again," I understand that slogan, I get all that. But they usually don't hear it. That doesn't really sink in too well. It's like, "Never have to? But I want to." Those are the cases that I've evolved to—the cases that are completely chronic.


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