FL: How did you get involved in making The Cleaner?

WB: For the last decade, people have been trying to get me to do something, media-wise, but I never have found a reason to do it. But to reach people on a grander scale is the reason I did. And also the bigger reason is the quorum of people who wanted to introduce this project, they were the right people. … Everyone gave me a comfort zone that I could work with. They allowed me to understand that we are going to keep this thing true to its nature and we are going to pull threads from the stories that we do have to tell. We're not going to deviate into something else. We're going to show the audience what that world really looks like out there. Authentication is the real reason I went with A&E, and I'm glad that I did. Here we are with most of the second season. And Ben's doing a fantastic job. He's really got it on the ground.


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