In his Golden Globe acceptance speech, Glee executive producer and co-creator (and former real-life glee-clubber) Ryan Murphy said the award was for anybody who ever got a wedgie in high school, a statement that resonated with fans across the country. "To me, the show is about celebrating the difference in you. I think when you're that age you think the difference in you is the worst thing, and I think the older you get, you find out that it's the best thing," Ryan says. "So that's what the show is about. That and about that the arts matter."

Ryan says the idea for Glee actually came from a potential movie script, but that he was looking for a show to add a breath of fresh air to the dark and gloomy prime-time lineup. "I had wanted to do something optimistic. I thought that there wasn't anything on television that was really sort of upbeat and had a happy ending every week. There's a lot of crime procedurals, and then I got a script by Ian Brennan, one of our writers, who had written a very dark movie version of Glee and ... we decided to take that and turn it into sort of a celebration of the arts. So I'm as shocked as anybody that it got picked up, but it did."


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