If Glee has one scene-stealer, it might be the ruthless Cheerios coach Sue Sylvester, played by movie veteran Jane Lynch. "Sue Sylvester has like that devil on her shoulder that's whispering in her ear that we all have, although we have filters, we don't let it come out. She just lets it fly," Jane says. "It's liberating. It's wonderful. It's delicious to play her. I'm a much nicer person."

Jane says fans never mistake her for Sue, luckily. "They just love it. They go, 'You're so mean!' She's almost cartoonishly mean," Jane says. "If I had a mustache, she'd be [twirling it] all the time."

After playing Sue Sylvester for six months, Jane says she's suddenly hip again. "My demo is 16-year-old boys. They never noticed me when I was 16, you know? I wasn't in the hip crowd. But now all of a sudden there's these cool people in coffee shops going, 'Hey!' I go back to my 14-year-old self," Jane says.

In her own high school days, Jane says she was one of the kids her alter ego would hate. "I sang in the choir for four years and I did plays and I was also in sports and I kind of kept under the radar in terms of being mocked and made fun of."


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