Cory Monteith plays football and glee club star Finn Hudson, but says he'd never sang before being cast in the role. "I mean, in the shower, in the car. But it wasn't really something I did," he says. "I was a drummer, so I never really thought of myself as a singer, so this is all new."

Matthew says it's hard to pinpoint one reason Glee has become such a big hit. "If you asked any one of us, I think we'd have a different answer, and I think that's what makes the show work so well—it works on so many different levels," he says. "For me, I think music is the language that we all speak, everyone in the world speaks. So I think its the universal language, and I think the music is the most important part of the show."

With only half a season under their belt, the Glee cast has already won a best TV comedy musical Golden Globe and a SAG award for best ensemble cast. Dianna Agron, who plays mean-girl-turned-pregnant-outcast Quinn Fabray says attending the Golden Globes was a dream. "The room is full of people that you admired your whole life and, you know, Julia Roberts came up to the table...and I thought just us girls were going to go quiet, but the boys went quiet too," she says. "She talked to us! And Tom Hanks and all these wonderful people were saying they watch the show with their families, and it was outstanding but astonishing at the same time."


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