A lot has changed for Nicole since she swung on a trapeze in Moulin Rouge, her first movie musical. In 2006, she married country star Keith Urban. Then, in July 2008, six weeks before Nine rehearsals began, she gave birth to a baby girl, Sunday Rose.

Nicole says she agreed to do Nine so soon after giving birth because she was able to bring her daughter to the set. "It was actually really lovely because I got to get a taste of what I've done my whole life, which is act, then go back to being Sunday Rose's mother," she says.

When Nicole was in her 20s, she adopted two children with her first husband, Tom Cruise. Now, she's 42, and this time around, motherhood is different. "I'm glad that I was able to do it young and old," she says. "I think at this age, so much of my burning ambition has kind of faded."

Nicole says working alongside Daniel helped reignite her love of acting. "I was able to see an actor still love and honor what he does," she says. "That was great to be around because I can get pulled to my family and completely ignore my art, my work."


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