When Daniel first read the script for Nine and discovered he'd have to sing, he says he tried to think of an excuse not to do the film. Then, he spoke to Rob, who convinced him to put his vocals to the test. "[Rob] could charm the birds out of the trees," Daniel says.

Eight weeks before filming began, the entire cast gathered at a London film studio to learn the complicated musical numbers. For the first four weeks of rehearsals, Daniel says he was perpetually amazed and anxious. "I was very intimidated by [the singing], but Rob has an amazing way of making everything seem like it's just going to be second nature," he says. "He manages to provide you with so much support, mostly coming from him, but also from everyone around him."

Daniel is famous for immersing himself in his roles, and he says it's hard at times to say goodbye to a character after the film wraps.

"It's not a supernatural problem. It's more just an affection that you develop for that person," he says. "No matter how long you spend making a film—in this case six, seven or eight months—you never fully explore the life and the world of that character. ... You've gone to all this trouble to try and create a new world, and then you're supposed to just throw it in the bin."

Back home, these characters don't last long. Daniel says his children batter the roles out of him. "They take the mickey out of me from dawn till dusk," he says.


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