James: The whole press tour on this film has been a wild ride. What's that been like for you?

Sam: I think that about sums it up. It's bizarre. You know me—I don't really think too far ahead. The fact that the movie came out is still mind-boggling.

James: That we got it done.

Sigourney: But, I think it is very moving to come to these nights that are about bringing the community together and sharing that very warm celebration of all the work that year. But what I think is fun about it this year is that when we come, we're like our own little tribe. We're all together and this is our movie and we're proud of it.

James: It was a long haul and we worked together a long time. You either come out of that enemies or the closest [friends]. It's the mutual respect and the bond, and I think we could all imagine doing it again.

Zoe: That'd be awesome.

Sigourney: As long as we could have tails, I'm right there.

James: That's the thing you said when I sent you the script. After I sent her the script, she said, "I always wanted to have a tail."

Sigourney: That's where my head is at.

Sam: So when you go to this awards show, are you going to wear one?

Sigourney: You know that's an interesting thought. It'd be fun to wear a tail.

Sam: Here she is modeling the latest in blue felt tails.

James: The next time we all see each other is going to be at the Oscars, right?

Zoe: That's kind of cool.

James: Although actually there is a tradition, the night before the Oscars on Titanic we all got together for dinner, so you guys have to come to dinner the night before.


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