Search engines aren't just for finding that website you can't seem to locate or the best price on a laptop you're considering purchasing. Many of us are using them to ask specific questions. The most popular question asked online starts with the words "how to."

Searches that contain the term "how to" (there were over a 240,000 unique searches that contained "how to" in the past four weeks) give us an interesting view into what we don't know or what we'd like to learn how to do. As I discussed in my book Click, for more than three years the number one "how to" search was "how to tie a tie." In recent months, necktie queries three year run has been surpassed by teenage curiosity with "how to kiss" becoming the most popular skill sought online.

Here's a list of the top 10 "how to" searches for the four weeks ending October 24, 2009:
1. How to kiss
2. How to get pregnant
3. How to tie a tie
4. How to make a website
5. How to draw
6. How to lose weight
7. How to lose weight fast
8. How to write a résumé
9. How to draw anime
10. How to get rid of stretch marks

Source: Experian Hitwise


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