Will Ferrell in Elf

Photo: New Line Productions

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Will Ferrell's enthusiasm is contagious—no matter the role—so his ability to spread holiday cheer to even the most skeptical scrooge is no surprise. In Elf, Ferrell plays Buddy, a human living as one of Santa's helpers. He landed on the North Pole as a boy after getting whisked away in Santa's sack, but as he continues to grow in a land of perpetual children, he starts to literally stand out. So Buddy leaves Santa's mystical home for a much scarier place: New York City. His exploits in the Big Apple—falling in love with a department store elf, turning his half-brother into a believer, seeking the approval of his Grinch of a father—are saturated with silliness and are the perfect vehicle for Ferrell to do what he does best: make his audience, young and old, feel like kids on Christmas.