JW: Another thing I loved about the movie was the juxtapositions in each character. Arlen is a man of philosophy and spirituality, but he loves monster movies. Elizabeth had the healthiest house possible, but there's a scene where she drops her son off at school and lights up a cigarette. Was that dichotomy something that attracted you to the project, something that made the characters more real?

JD: Yeah, it makes them human. I think we're all looking for that. Again, that's the good writing is that he writes these characters balanced. They've got good things and bad things. They're heroic and yet they're flawed. That makes for good writing, and it's a lot more fun to play.

LG: Yeah, definitely. It just adds dimension so you're not just playing the uptight person who always makes the right decision, which only exists in movies. You have more depth.


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