He plays a author who wrote a groundbreaking spiritual book called Me and God, and then retreated from public view. She plays a single mom who's looking for answers. Together, they light up the screen in the new romantic comedy The Answer Man, in theaters July 24.

Jeff and Lauren sit down together to talk about why they couldn't resist first-time writer/director John Hindman's script and how it's different from other romantic comedies.

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Joan Wagner: What attracted you to the project?

Lauren Graham: I loved the script, and I just thought it was both sweet and funny, which is a strangely hard combination to find.

Jeff Daniels: The writing was so great. The writing makes the actor's job so much easier. John Hindman really did a great job of giving us a script that we could not only work with but be excited about all the way through. And Lauren was great; she's just so great with comedy. It made it really easy to say yes.


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