Luke Spencer and Laura Webber on General Hospital

Photo: Bob D'Amico/ABC ©1981

Laura Webber and Luke Spencer, General Hospital
Luke and Laura recited their vows in front of more than 30 million viewers, and their 1981 nuptials remain the highest-rated hour in soap opera history. The event featured a cameo from Elizabeth Taylor and even landed the couple on the cover of Newsweek. Luke and Laura were married for two decades and had two kids together. Today, though they're plagued by health problems, they remain two of Port Charles' most memorable residents.
Alex Karev and Izzie Stephens on Grey's Anatomy

Photo: © American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Izzie Stevens and Alex Karev, Grey's Anatomy
The wedding may have been intended for Meredith, but it was destined for Izzie. It had all the bells and whistles of a little girl's dream wedding—not quite right for the low-key MerDer. Weddings are generally weepy, and Grey's is a perpetual tearjerker, so when Shonda Rhimes put them together and added a supposedly dying bride, the hankie factor went through the roof. How Meredith and Izzie fit into the same dress is a question for another time. 
Ross and Emily

Photo: © NBC Universal, Inc.

Emily Waltham and Ross Geller, Friends
As the gang gathered in London to see Ross marry Emily, we mourned the loss of Ross and Rachel. We'd rooted for them since she left Barry at the altar, through Paolo and Julie and "the break." Then, the gasp heard around the TV-viewing world: "I, Ross, take thee, Rachel..." Did he just say Rachel??? It wasn't the wedding of Emily's dreams, but it kept alive our dreams for America's favorite will-they-or-won't-they couple. 
Trista Rehn and Ryan Sutter

Photo: © American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Trista Rehn and Ryan Sutter, The Bachelorette
In 18 combined Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons, there's been only one wedding. Thankfully, it was televised. Seventeen million people tuned in to the two-hour "wedding of the decade"—complete with 30,000 roses (12 dozen of which had the couple's photo printed on each petal), diamond-encrusted shoes and a first-dance song written just for them. The shocking reality TV twist? After the six years, Trista and Ryan are still together.
Phillis Lapin and Bob Vance on The Office

Photo: © NBC Universal, Inc.

Phyllis Lapin and Bob Vance, The Office
They say something always goes wrong on your wedding day, but there's no way to plan for a co-worker throwing out your dementia-ridden uncle in a wedding crasher manhunt. If Jim and Pam's wedding is anything like the first Office nuptials (which it could be, since Phyllis stole the details from Pam's called-off wedding with Roy), then we can't wait for Michael's 40-minute toast and—fingers crossed—a Scrantonicity reunion.
Carol and Mike Brady on The Brady Bunch

Photo: CBS Paramount

Carol Martin and Mike Brady, The Brady Bunch
One day when this lady met this fellow and they knew that it was much more than a hunch...they got married in a sitcom wedding that would launch one the most beloved TV families in history. The very first episode of the series saw Carol and Mike get married in a chaotic reception, then take the kids along for their Hawaiian honeymoon. That's the way they all became the Brady Bunch. 
Donna Martin and David Silver on Beverly Hills 90210

Photo: Fox

Donna Martin and David Silver, Beverly Hills, 90210
It was a marriage 10 years in the making. While viewers were taking sides in the Brenda-Kelly-Dylan love triangle (even when two-thirds of said triangle were off the show), Donna and David emerged as the couple to root for. Their series finale wedding brought back familiar faces like Jason Priestley's Brandon, Gabrielle Carteris' Andrea and Denise Dowse's Mrs. Teasley. Though, one has to ask, what bride invites her high school principal to her bachelorette party?
Lady Diana and Prince Charles

Photo: AP

Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles
Who needs a private ceremony when you can tie the knot on TV to the tune of 750 million onlookers? As the first British commoner to marry the heir to the throne in some 400 years, Diana was every bit the fairytale bride. The wedding of the century was a national holiday only in the United Kingdom, but its impact was global. And that dress! A 25-foot train of ivory taffeta and antique lace fit for a princess.
Rhoda Morgenstern and Joe Gerard on Rhoda

Photo: CBS © 1978

Rhoda Morgenstern and Joe Gerard, Rhoda
Most shows make you wait years for a wedding, but it was only eight weeks into the Mary Tyler Moore Show spin-off when Rhoda and Joe got hitched. A small gathering in her parents' apartment had everything needed for the nuptials, minus one small detail: the bride. When Phyllis forgot to give Rhoda a ride, she hiked up her wedding dress and got to the affair as any true New Yorker would...on the subway. 

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