At 14, Taylor moved from Pennsylvania to Nashville, where she played her demo CD for anyone who would listen. Her persistence certainly paid off—she was only 16 when "Tim McGraw" first hit the airwaves. 

Taylor says her success comes from her determination to realize her dreams. "Being raised by two parents who brought me up with the idea that the world didn't owe me anything really helped," she says. "But I loved music, and so I started writing songs and playing guitar." 

Even with all her hard work, Taylor says her career wouldn't be the same without her fans—she even knows some of them by name. "I love my meet-and-greets because I have a lot of girls who come through the line and I've met them six times before," she says. "You feel like you're getting together with your friends because a lot of the people in the crowd are at the age where they'd be my friends if I was in college somewhere right now."


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