Today, Montel is excited about his participation in a new experimental study to treat his pain. "My life is 180 degrees in the other direction," he says. "My pain in my body is now down by almost 80 percent."

To help others with their battles with pain, Montel wrote the book Living Well Emotionally: Break Through to a Life of Happiness.

Montel says his experience with multiple sclerosis has turned him into a devoted activist for patients, especially injured veterans. "I go to see our troops at Bethesda and Walter Reed every three to four weeks, stand bedside every three to four weeks," he says. "A lot of celebrities aren't showing up anymore. A lot of people aren't going down there to say hello. And every single day we have guys coming back here who have lost limbs, left them over there, for us. So when you talk that trash about 'I support the troops'—put your money, your mouth, your face behind it and go down there and do something."


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