Today, Phil's new role is that of supportive husband. He has been accompanying his wife, actress Marlo Thomas, on a book tour for her new memoir, Growing Up Laughing. Phil and Marlo say they've been in love since the moment they met in 1980 when he interviewed her on his show. "The women of this country were in love with him," Marlo says. "When we got married, I got a lot of mail saying, 'How could you have taken him from us?'"

Phil says he doesn't miss the fame he once had. "I now carry Marlo's trophies. People knock me over to get to 'That Girl,'" he says. "And sooner or later they'll look at me and say, 'Oh, we like you, too, Merv.' Fame is fleeting—I ought to know—but it was a wonderful ride."


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