When she's not battling foes from a parallel universe, actress Anna Torv is taking on other unexplained phenomena as FBI agent Olivia Dunham in Fox's Fringe. "It's a relief not to be playing the blond love interest," she says. "There's never been an excuse made for the fact that she's a woman or anything. It's always been sort of who she is, no big deal. There's not any big deal either way, which I think is quite liberating and lovely."

Still, the character's greatest strength may lie in her vulnerability. "When we met her, she was totally fresh-faced and happy and life was good. Then, she just got banged up against this horrific new understanding of what's going on in the world, and I think she's really lost her innocence," Torv says. "I hope that there is a big 'she has arrived' moment or she's sort of transformed into this warrior that people keep telling her she's supposed to be. I'm looking forward to that kind of unraveling, where at the moment I think she's buttoned her jacket ever so tightly and she's just doing what she can, gritting her teeth and bearing it until she accepts the call."


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