It was 1961. A brash young president had just been elected. Martin Luther King Jr. was calling for desegregation, and audiences were filling theaters to see West Side Story. Bouffants, hot pants, Soviets…this fascinating era may seem like ancient history to some, but for fans of AMC's award-winning drama Mad Men, the '60s are back!

Since it premiered in 2007, Mad Men has received rave reviews. Vanity Fair says it may be the best show on television, while The Boston Globe calls it "addictive." Each week, audiences get a glimpse inside the glamorous world of New York City ad executives who smoke, drink and cheat their way through the early '60s.

The drama centers on Don Draper, a dangerously handsome executive played by Jon Hamm. Jon says the high-powered men who worked on Madison Avenue back then referred to themselves as "Mad Men" and were often treated like rock stars.

"It was a perfect storm of being a businessman but also being a creative type," Jon says. "You had art and commerce mixed into one job, and so it had all of the sexy connotations of being a free-spirited artist, while also getting a steady paycheck."


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