Imagine you're a government spy, suddenly expelled from the organization you've risked your life to protect. You're left with no money, no home and no one to trust...except your chain-smoking, hypochondriac mother, who wishes you'd write home more often. Cagney & Lacey alum Sharon Gless brings Burn Notice's overbearing mother, Madeline Westen, to life.

Fresh off a legal victory to keep one of cable's hottest shows based in Miami, Sharon chats about her role and opens up on life in Hollywood.
Screening Room:You get to live and work in Miami at the same time. Must make for a nice commute!

Sharon Gless: It's the first time I've ever worked at home since I've been married. I did Queer As Folk for five years in Toronto, and I do theater in London and another series in L.A. since I've been married. When I got this, my husband says: "I don't know if our marriage is going to survive. You're living at home?"


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