Promised Land

The majestic Santa Ynez Mountains are the backdrop for reflection, renewal and thanks.

A station of homemade doughnuts.

Waiters prepare their breadbaskets with muffins and croissants of every kind.
Garden tables

Garden tables decked out in Oprah's favorite color are sprinkled throughout the giant redwood trees.
Trays of water and medicine

Trays are stocked with water, aspirin and effervescent tablets to help guests recover from Oprah's Legends Ball the evening before!
Food station

Stations of chilled lobster, cocktail shrimp, stone crabs and oysters await the guests.

Dozens of different kinds of desserts for the sweet tooth!
Seating area

A lovely seating area.
'Bar' sign

Fruits and vegetables add a whimsical touch to the "BAR" sign.

Bloody Marys, piña coladas and Bellinis.

Crews put together a temporary bandstand.

Chairs lined up in front of the bandstand.

A program of the day's events.
Boxed music compilation

A compilation of music from Oprah's Legends Weekend.

Good food, good fun and spontaneous performances of gospel classics!