Oprah's not the only one asking questions today! Since this is the first time all six of these legends of daytime television have been together, there are a few things they want to know about each other.

Geraldo: How come you never colored your hair?

Phil: I don't know. It went early.

Oprah: And why the red glasses?

Sally: Well, I couldn't see the teleprompter. So I saw an ad that said, 'We do a Pap smear and give you red glasses.'

Geraldo: One-stop shopping!

Sally: They were going to trade me up [to a better pair]. I said: "You're not going to trade me up. I don't have that kind of money." It's all they had for $19.95.

Phil: I'm afraid to ask you what kind of test they give the men customers.

What happens after the last show? Watch Phil, Sally, Geraldo, Montel and Ricki's advice for Oprah.

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