After thousands of episodes, not every show is going to be a life-changing experience—and some are downright regrettable.

Ricki says she remembers the time she spoke with a preacher whose followers picket funerals of those they consider to be pro-gay. "I'm 24, I don't know what the hell I'm doing. I'm thinking, 'What would Oprah say?' He said to me [that] because I'm friends with gay people and because I support the gay lifestyle, I worship my rectum," Ricki says. "Then I just said to him: 'You may be a reverend, but this is still my show. Get out.' And I threw him off the stage."

Besides the fight that ended with his broken nose, one of Geraldo's other most famous shows was when he had fat removed from his rear end and injected into his forehead. "This is pre-Botox," he says. "Everybody called me 'butthead' for the rest of that season."

Despite his nickname and notoriety, Geraldo says he doesn't actually regret that show. "I don't regret much in life, to tell you the truth," he says. "With four divorces, you can't regret much."


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