Once the show ended, Ray took time off to be with his wife of 22 years, Anna. They have four children—including twin 16-year-old boys. "They're good, but they're like me. They kind of do the minimal possible to get by. That's how I was in school," he says. "I lived at home till I was 29."

Anna says Ray had no problem finding something other than work to keep him busy. "He took an office at Warner Brothers and said: 'I'm going to the office. Every day, I'm going to work,'" she says. "He'd come home at night. He's checking his e-mails for hours. I go, 'Don't you do that at work?' [He says], 'Oh, no, I went to the golf course.'"

Ray's 19-year-old daughter, Ally, says her dad also spent a lot of time on his secret obsession—watching National Anthem performances on YouTube. "That's another way of [knowing] you're reaching a certain age," he says. "Smokey Robinson has one from 1986. Look it up."

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