For nearly a decade, he was America's funniest TV husband on Everybody Loves Raymond . Now, Ray Romano's returning to television in a new TNT dramedy, Men of a Certain Age . Ray plays Joe, a recently separated father of two struggling with middle age.

Ray says many of the scenes in the show have been inspired by his real life, including one where he's telling his college friends that even his butt is looking older! "That's when I knew middle age was hitting," he says. "I caught my ass in the mirror … and I'm like, 'That's not my ass.'"

Fans will be thrilled to spend Monday nights with Ray again, but he says his father had a different reaction to the new show. "My father's kind of like the Peter Boyle character [on Everybody Loves Raymond ]," he says. "So when I told my father we were going to be on TNT, my mother was crazy excited and my father was like, 'Well, I guess we've got to get cable now.'"


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