When he's not searching for the next American Idol, Randy's scouring the streets for the newest dance sensation for MTV's Emmy-nominated Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crew. During Season 4, more than 68 million viewers watched dance groups flip, spin and play with fire on their way to the grand prize. The winners? The women of We Are Heroes.

Randy, who is the show's executive producer, has a soft spot for dance crews. As a high school freshman, he wanted to join one but had two left feet. "I tried to pose like I was part of a crew," he says. "I really couldn't get my groove on."

Once he saw the World Hip Hop Dance Championships in Los Angeles, he knew there had to be a show about these crews. " They have such love and such camaraderie and unity that I just wanted to expose the world to this phenomenon that's happening in America that we've forgot that we've born here," he says. "I just love that it gives these kids a chance to express themselves."

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