RB: You were going to be in the remake of Footloose but ended up turning that down. Can we expect to see you in a song-and-dance role soon?

ZE: I would love to do another musical—the challenge is just finding one that's really meaningful. I'm really specific about what I want to take on.

RB: Are there any musicals that you would absolutely love to do? Any dream roles?

ZE: I really like Frankie Valli and Jersey Boys. I really enjoyed that a lot—that story was really cool. He had a pretty high voice...I don't know if I could pull it off. I also think it would be fun to challenge a great visual filmmaker to do a musical. I think Baz Luhrmann is really good; he always seems to bring some really cool energy. It would be fun to do a musical with him.

RB: What's next for you after Charlie St. Cloud?

ZE: We have a couple of things on deck—it's just a matter of which ones materialize first. There's another sort of romantic movie that we're looking into right now. We're sort of really close on that—finding out really soon whether that will work out or not. A couple more thriller-type things. There's one, called Fire, that's in the world of spies—a young guy that gets recruited and after that nothing is what it seems. And there's another one that's sort of an office comedy with Jason Filardi, who I worked with on 17 Again. That's about a guy sort of working his way to the top and all the weird stuff he has to do to get there.

RB: What about TV? Is that something you'd ever think about? I know you started out in Summerland...

ZE: I'm never going to say no. TV's gotten really, really great. There's some amazing stuff out there. I love The Office. It would be fun to test my comedic chops.


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