EW: The Good Wife is ripped from the headlines. It focuses on a political sex scandal and a politician who goes to jail and his wife, who stands by his side. How do you think people will react to the show?

JC: We see so many pictures of these wives of the politicians who are caught up in the illicit affairs, and people always wonder as bystanders watching these women: "What is going through their heads? What is that life like when the cameras are off? How do they make their lives work?" It is such a public embarrassment when that happens to you. So, I think that it is something we are all fascinated by, and I think the show is really trying to explore it.

EW: What can you tell me about your character Will? How does he fit into the plot?

JC: Will and Alicia [played by Juliana Margulies] are very close and went to Georgetown Law School together, and there is a real history there and that is a big part of obviously why she is coming to this firm. Will is an incredibly successful lawyer in Chicago; I think he is really good at what he does. I think he really enjoys living his life. He is methodical, he is loyal, he strikes me as someone who takes what he does very seriously but also tries to have a good time. He likes the Cubs, not the White Sox (laughs). He's a huge Bears fan, and I think he has a secret shrine to Michael Jordon in his living room but no one knows about it (laughs). When you work on a character, they always have to have secrets, you know?


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