KF: People magazine has named you "the sexiest rising star." What qualities do you think make a person sexy?

MB: I would say confidence and security and comfortability in one's own skin. I think that's so attractive. Truly. I think when someone knows who they are and is comfortable and confident with that, I think a lot of the typical, aesthetic things sort of fall by the wayside.

KF: For people who haven't got on board yet, why should they watch White Collar?

MB: You should be watching White Collar because it's a fun, intelligent procedural infused with a lot of great character writing by Jeff Eastin. I think it stands out from any other show like it on TV right now, and that's pretty much all due to him and the writing and the witty banter and the cases that come up every week. The great thing is, if you've never seen it before, you can jump right in, and you're not going to be lost. And, like I said, the writing has gotten stronger this season, and we're all really settling into our characters. Everybody is unbelievably excited about it.

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