KF: New York City seems to have a starring role in White Collar, as well. While shooting in the city, what have been some of your favorite locations?

MB: First of all, I have to give props to our AP Russell Fine, who is fantastic. The way he shoots the city of New York is so optimistic and beautiful. It's like a love letter to the city. We shoot up—you actually see the sky. It's not the dark, gritty version of New York that you see portrayed in most TV shows. But, you know, the amazing thing is we've gotten to shoot in so many iconic places in New York that when you first get there you think, "Oh wow, Columbus Circle, Times Square, the financial district." All of a sudden, I'm there filming a scene. It's been completely surreal and amazing and truly a blessing to get to do that.

KF: You've also shot scenes inside some amazing private New York City residences.

MB: Oh, that's the best part of the show. We get to see the parts of New York, even if you've lived there three years, you don't get to see. I'm talking about multimillion-dollar penthouses with the million-dollar chandeliers that hang down eight stories from the ceiling. You're kind of in the créme de la créme of New York's places [with] the people who are really making the financial world shake.

KF: Neal is so slick he can get away with almost anything. Did you get away with much mischief when you were younger?

MB: No! I was the polar opposite of Neal. I pretty much got busted for everything, but I definitely stretched out my boundaries as a kid, as well. I remember taking my brother's car out, pushing it down the driveway in neutral in the night and going out joyriding with friends and getting flat tires and getting busted. My license was revoked by my dad. So, definitely I was a kid. I was a teenage boy. I wanted to see what I could get away with, and I think there were definitely aspects of Neal that are in [me], especially when it came to me trying to get my driver's license back from my dad. I think I used every tactic in the book. That's where I learned all my con artistry, but the difference between me and Neal is I always get caught.


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