KF: What do you like least about Neal?

MB: I think when you play a role, you always have to be a defense attorney for that character. So, you know, I can't say I like something the least about him or the most about him—I just have to try to be in his skin. One of the things, I think, if I were to step outside the character and say, "Pull it together," [is] he's kind of OCD, and I totally understand. ... He's even a bit delusional sometimes. There were a few times last year when I said to myself: "Neal, Kate is not into you, dude. Give it up! Give up the ghost! Give up the ghost!" But that's what I love about the character too, because he's not perfect. I don't think people are perfect. I think they have flaws like that, and I think that's what, for me, was so fun to get to play. But, you know, when they call "action," I have to sit in those circumstances and be him and figure out why I have to be in those circumstances and understand why he is so fixated on her. This season especially, avenging her death...

KF: Yes, what a shocking first season finale—talk about going out with a bang! How do you think Kate's death will affect Neal throughout Season 2?

Well, one thing the writers did that I think is really smart is they kept the same fun, witty, quick pace about the show. The tone is still light and fun, but they also fast-forwarded three months from her death, so you've missed a lot of the grieving period. But Neal is a proactive guy, so he is going to take the situation into his own hands and avenge her death in the way that he thinks is just...whether or not the FBI agrees with his M.O. or not. That's sort of the way he's tugging the leash this season.


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