Q: What were your best memories of Morocco?

Sarah Jessica: So much...

Cynthia: I feel like those first very heady days in the desert, I mean, that was such an introduction. Like, "Wow, we really are far, far away in place that we've never been before." What was so great was we were mostly in Marrakech, but then our first filming was out in the desert. So we all—cast and crew—were on a plane, and when we arrived, they had musicians waiting to greet us.

Kim: And scarves!

Cynthia: We were then taught—not us because we were in wardrobe—but everyone else was taught to tie turbans to help keep you cool in the desert. It was just so amazing to land in this small airport, kind of in the middle of nowhere, and to be greeted it was just...

Kim: It was touching.

Cynthia: It was amazing.


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