Q: What was it like shooting this film in the desert?

Michael: We shot in Morocco for Abu Dhabi. Morocco has a great history of filmmaking. They did Ben-Hur. They did Lawrence of Arabia. We actually shot on the Lawrence of Arabia dunes. ... We had New York, which was here at Bergdorf's, with thousands and thousands of people watching and supporting. It's like an interactive theater piece. The girls go to talk; everybody shuts up. I say, "Action." Then, applause. ... I call that, sometimes, the "celebrity petting zoo." Every now and then, somebody breaks through, and we have to stop and get everybody back behind the barricades.

When we went to Morocco, [we were] in the middle of the Sahara desert, not a sound, not a paparazzi. It was just the crew, the hot sun and the sun falling out of the sky quickly. It was a completely different, bizarre and magical time. Different colors, different sounds, different smells, great crew—South Africans, Moroccans, Brits, Germans, everyone. It was an IHOP of crew. Big meals in tents and then...

Kim: Every meal in a tent.

Michael: We even had tents in our rooms.

Kim: We had Thanksgiving in a tent!

Sarah Jessica: It was laborious and herculean, but it was one of the great experiences of my professional life to live and work with this cast. To see the sun rise and set over our locations in the most far-flung places. To lie in a bed all day with these women, exhausted and laughing. To be on a camel with Kim Cattrall as it disobeyed all orders.

Kim: Not many people can say they've done all that.

Sarah Jessica: No, but I'm telling you, it was indescribably wonderful to be so far away, in such a wonderfully foreign place. To have this incredibly cinematic experience, to be in the dunes of the Sahara for days, and see things that we will never see again. To smell things, to eat things...I mean, yes, it was hard, but we could have not done it anywhere else this way.

Michael: It's big, old-time, old-fashioned movie making. We actually went far away and made a Hollywood movie.


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