Q: Can you talk about the issue your character faced in this movie? Did you relate to it personally? 

Chris: I think my journey was a very interesting journey [about] the nature of having to find what a marriage means to two people who have had a very intimate and long relationship. How they miss each other at the beginning, and through the movie, [figure out] just what that tradition is and what it should be.

Cynthia: I think that for Miranda, the real issue that she's been dealing with is what to do when you have a really terrific job that you're well paid for and you've worked decades to get there, and all of a sudden, you're just miserable in it. I think that I can totally relate to that. No, I'm kidding. I'm kidding. ... The part of it I can relate to is the, as you get older and as you get more of a sense of yourself, which I think is what's happening to Miranda in the movie, [you're] learning to value yourself. You're learning to say: "You know what? If someone is treating me badly, even though maybe it's in my vested interest to keep my mouth shut, I actually have to speak out for myself. I have to protect myself, because I may define myself as a lawyer, but if I'm a miserable lawyer, better not to be a lawyer at all."


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