Q: Can you tell us what you want men to learn from this film?

Michael: I think they'll be surprised how much the movie is for them. When I sat down to write, I realized that Mr. Big is now very, very prominently a part of Carrie Bradshaw's life. Also, there's a couple of deliberate shout-outs to men in this movie, in terms of their point of the view, because it is the struggle of the man and woman together that makes the women even better.

Chris: I will say one thing. There is something that happens—an event that happens. ... I give credit to the writer and Mr. Big, who turn poison into medicine and not go to the impulsive place men often do in an event like. And instead, [he] creates a bridge to a deeper relationship. I think that's something.

Sarah Jessica: The couple people I've spoken to, they're straight men. ... They love that the men—there is not a villainous move by any man in this movie. Any consequences are on the part of us and the choices we're making...and some momentary reckless behavior or a cavalier attitude about cultural standards. It's all us, and we come home, frankly, a little wiser.

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