Sarah Jessica: The thing that I cherish most about it, and therefore it's the most vivid memory, is that I got to live with this cast. We were removed. We were shooting out of the country—the first time we've never done that—and we had this chance to live together and to know one another in a way we have never had an opportunity to do so in New York. In New York, we go home to our friends and our family and our children and our animals. For me, it just changed everything. I just came away loving them more than I ever have because I got to see them in a new way. I was so reliant upon them, and they became evermore necessary. I was so challenged by the work that they were doing and how good they were and what thoroughbreds they were. And how nothing could get us down, no matter how hungry we were or how much we had to use the bathroom or hour 18 of day 58.

Kim: I think it was also we were so welcomed by the people of Morocco and felt so protected. We really did feel like royal family. I couldn't believe people actually watched the show—that was kind of surprising—and knew the characters. They didn't know our names in particular, but kept calling us by our characters' names. We would actually turn and say "hello," but we also had weekends off, so it was a bit of a vacation. Mostly, on locations, you don't get that. You usually work on a Saturday, so we had this intense family time, which Sarah's talking about. But on the weekends, we got to go and explore. If by chance you had a day off, which was very seldom, you could go to the mountains or you could go to the beach. It's just such an extraordinary country.

Kristin: One hundred percent. So beautiful, so beautiful. I echo everything that was said, and I'm just going to say Thanksgiving, since we were together. We got to have two Thanksgivings. Our fantastic English caterers made an American Thanksgiving for us, which they thought just the Americans would want to eat, but then everybody wanted to eat it.

Sarah Jessica: They ran out!

Kim: There was none left.

Kristin: They ran out of like the apple pie and the pumpkin pie. Everybody loved it, and then, because the boys could come—Cynthia's and Sarah's sons came to visit for the weekend—we decided we would have another Thanksgiving at our hotel. They did a fantastic job, and we had snake charmers come for the boys because we were in Morocco.


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