Q: Where do you think you got the acting gene from?

A: Well, my dad is an actor, but I don't even know whether I believe in that. I think acting is something that is within you. It's a very natural thing for me. It comes from myself, really.

Q: If you could spend the perfect day off, what would you do?

A: So this is when I'm 15—sometimes I have to remember that I'm 15—I would want to...okay, so it would be sunny. I'd be in my garden—we have a nice, big garden so you can run around and stuff. I would go down to the river Slaney, which is the river that we live beside, and I would swim for about three hours. Then I would come back up and it would start to snow—see this is like the in-between or something, it's changing all the time—then I would play in the snow and go inside and sit by the fire and watch TV. Watch Oprah!

Q: Do you have other favorite TV shows?

A: Yes, I love Family Guy and 30 Rock and the Gilmore Girls. Those are my three favorites.

Q: Where's your favorite place to travel?

A: New Zealand.

Q: If you could have any meal, what would it be?

A: Sunday dinner that my mom makes every single Sunday. Roast chicken, lots of vegetables, roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce. It's like a mini-Christmas dinner.

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