Q: You were nominated for an Academy Award. Tell me about that experience.

A: Well, it was pretty cool! I was actually working on The Lovely Bones when I found out, and you know I didn't think about it much until a couple of days beforehand because I was busy with the film. But anyway, I got there and the ceremony was beautiful and I had watched the Academy Awards for years, since I was 6. So to be there, at an early age still, but after such a long time of watching it, it was wonderful. It was great to see everyone going up to get their awards, and how happy there were.

Q: Do you feel that after being nominated it adds any pressure for your future roles?

A: No, I don't think it does, really. With every role that I take on, of course I want to try and stay at a certain level—I don't want to drop—but not really because of an Oscar nomination, but more its about the type of roles that I like to take on.


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