Q: I read that you really immersed yourself in the '70s to prepare for this role. What was your favorite thing about the decade?

A: My favorite thing about the decade was probably some of music. One of my favorite bands is Fleetwood Mac and I love Stevie Nicks, so I've always listened to their music. And Talking Heads, the Eagles, Carole King...a lot of the oldies. It's really because my mom is into that type of music, and I happen to love it too. So it was the music more than anything else, and we used to play a lot of '70s music in the set as well to get in the groove.

Q: What was it like working with so many Hollywood all-stars? Aside from Peter Jackson, you've got Stanley Tucci, Susan Sarandon, Rachel Weisz, Mark Wahlberg. It's a great cast.

A: It is, it's a wonderful cast. I was very excited to hear that Susan was going to be attached to the film. I've been so lucky with the people that I've worked with. None of the top Hollywood stars that I've worked with have been divas at all. There are no egos or anything like that, so it's made me very comfortable as an actor and a person working on the set, and therefore I was able to perform better, I'm sure. If I didn't get on with, in particular, Stanley, who I have some very intense scenes with, it wouldn't have left me as free to act to my full potential.


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