RB: What's next for you?

HF: I just finished a movie with Daniel Craig, with Jon Favreau directing, which I think has a very good shot at the market. It's called Cowboys & Aliens, so you might see just from the title why I think it has a shot of being successful. It was a very interesting project to work on, written by [Alex] Kurtzman and [Roberto] Orci, who have written everything these days except the latest version of the bible. 

RB: Any Indiana Jones in our future? 

HF: I haven't seen anything yet as far as a script is concerned. But I'm still hopeful that something will come up that I feel good about. 

RB: So you're open to more?

HF: Oh, sure. If it's something that George [Lucas] and Steven [Spielberg] and I can all agree on, I'd be more than happy to do it.


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